All About Bill Looman III%
By Jimmy Neal aka Jack Flash
I am cursed with being one of Bill Looman's neighbors and a victim of his fascist control of our neighborhood

I'm the person Bill Looman calls his crazy neighbor.  I've known Bill and his wife for a dozen years or so.  I'm currently working on an essay about Bill Looman, his idiocy and his stranglehold on an entire neighborhood.  

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Why is anyone supposed to believe either of these comments after the statement he posted below. 
"My modus operandi is to take them on all fronts. No Mercy... satire, insults, misrepresentation of their point of view, verbal attacks, divide and conquer strategies... what ever is required."

Bill's predictions of Martial Law were supposed to happen months ago, but...........

Note the last reply on this page by Bill Looman, "NOT TODAY. WHEN THEY THROW THE FIRST PUNCH OR NOVEMBER 6TH."

It looks like he still has plans to attack the White House "IF THE TRAITOR IS REELECTED," as stated on the Facebook page he started several months ago:
(Bill Looman removed his name from this page after the Secret Service went to his home to talk to him about his threats to kill the President)


"My modus operandi is to take them on all fronts. No Mercy... satire, insults, misrepresentation of their point of view, verbal attacks, divide and conquer strategies... what ever is required."  Written by John Gaultier and promoted by Bill Looman.  

So, John Gaultier, and Bill Looman, because he posted this on his wall and obviously agrees, admit to being liars.  


Funny thing...

The company that Bill Looman claims to own, U.S. Crane, LLC appears to belong to someone else. 

This is the original filing in 2006 with the Georgia Secretary of State.  

scroll down to next page for more.  

Principal Place of Business:
555 Colonel Park Dr.
Suite 400
Roswell, Ga.

This is the same exact address as over a dozen other corporations registered in Georgia by James L. Frith, the developer of Beaver Run Subdivision, the same neighborhood where Bill Looman lives, and the same neighborhood whose association he and his North Georgia Militia have hijacked using suspicious proxy votes supposedly belonging to, guess who..
drum roll here....James L. Frith.  

Hmmm.  Registered Agent:  Briskin & Associates, L.C.
WOW, this is the same Registered Agent listed on other James L. Frith corporations.  

So, who is the organizer of U.S. Crane?  

nother drum roll please......

Well I'll be darned if it isn't James L. Frith himself.  But, then, there are 2 more pages to this document, surely Bill Looman is listed somewhere.

Scroll on down to the next page and see...


No mention of Bill Looman on this page, how about the next one?

Well, looks like nothing here either about Bill Looman or the address he claims is "his" company's address on Ridgeview Dr, in Waco, Ga.  

OK, here we are, filed 1-24-2012.  

Hmmm.  Same address on Colonial Park Dr.

Authorized Signature, Well, I'll be damned, Tracy Bagwill, a longtime employee of, guess who...
drum roll here...James L. Frith.  

Still no mention of anyone named Looman.  So, who does own U.S. Crane, LLC?  Papers filed with the Georgia Secretary of State say, James L. Frith. 


< Bill posted this on 4-8 2012

only 2 days after posting this>

I just cannot understand how someone who has enough sense to eat cannot see what these 2 flags have in common.

Can someone actually be so stupid as not to see that the Obama flag is the same as the III% flag?  If the 
Obama flag is a desecrated American flag, so is the III% flag that Bill is so proud of.  


Another Bill Looman lie


It's getting hard to keep up with all of the lies that Bill Looman is spreading around, so, I just deal with the most egregious ones.  This one is of particular interest to me because, unlike Bill, who refuses to post proof that he is a Marine Vet,  I really am a Veteran and I do care what happens in the VA system. 

Rather than put in my 2cents worth here, I'll just let the NRA settle this one:  (See the image from the NRA's web site under Bill's sack of lies) 

















Feel free to leave MY country?  Does he have a DEED to America?  Who in the hell does this guy think he is, King Bill III?  

How about this Bill, since you can't seem to get along with your fellow countrymen, why don't you leave.  You and your ilk are the ones who are unhappy.  The biggest problem the rest of us are having is YOU.  

Franky Rolleg, I feel your love.................



This guy is running for the U.S. Senate and can't even speak English.  Bill, if you want to get together at the Waffle House, I'll tutor you in English and etiquette.  

BTW, nobody desecrates the American flag quite like you can.  




Here is the proof that Bill Looman is a liar and a hypocrite:

Yesterday and today Bill Looman has posted at least a dozen comments about the "Obama Flag."  

To start, this is not an American flag without the stars, so, his ranting from the beginning is a moot issue.  BUT, because Mr. Looman is not very bright and has no real education, let's give him the benefit of the doubt for a minute and say he really believes this is an American flag.  (scroll down to the image under this one)

















This is a "flag" that has been in Bill Looman's Facebook images for quite a while, one that he is proud of.  So, how is this flag different from the Obama flag he has been ranting about?  It is not any different.  Not only has he replaced the stars with his III% moniker, he has also "place upon it" the very images he quotes in his "flag law" stated above.  So, if he really believes that the "Obama flag" is a desecrated American flag, then his III% flag is also a desecrated American flag.  

Here is another "desecrated American flag" from Bill's Facebook image collection:

One of Bill's Facebook groupies, Robert Williams, said:  "A patriotic American would never allow their image to disgrace our country's symbol !"

Yet, here it is.  hypocrisy. 





Whose who?  I lost my scorecard.



The latest from the bowels of the internet, Bill Looman's wall.

And how is he making the left look like morons?  He hides in the comfort of his Facebook wall and blocks anyone who disagrees with him. When challenged to a debate, he runs for the hills.  Any time he wants to try to make me look like a moron, I'm ready to debate him.  He had me on the phone on the internet radio show, "The Right Stuff," but all he could do was whine about the Secret Service and the FBI and accuse me of calling them about him, like a little snot-nosed kid crying about me telling his mommy on him.  He got so flustered about me telling the truth, Debra Wright had to step in and protect him by trying to draw me into a political argument that had nothing to do with Bill.  Big bad-ass Marine hiding behind a woman's skirt.  How pathetic can he get?  

How cute is that, the guy who is afraid to have a debate with a liberal, talking about "stomp[ing] some liberal butt."   There are no liberal butts on his Facebook page to stomp, they're all blocked.   I've been challenging Bill to a debate for over a year and all he does is run for the cover of Facebook where he has me blocked.

This is the problem that Bill has running for the U.S. Senate.  At some point he is going to have to have a debate, and when he opens his mouth, everyone will see exactly how dim-witted he really is.  And then, there are the Facebook screen caps that will start showing up in the real news, and his opponent's political ads.  



I was born in America at least 20 years before Bill Looman arrived on this Earth, and since he refuses to post his birth certificate or his dd214, I have no idea where he was born.  Mr. Looman's Facebook wall is full of false claims, so how do I know he is a citizen or was in the Marines.  

Even if he was an American citizen, even if he had spent some time as a flunky in the Marines, what right does he think he has to tell anyone else to leave America?  

Mr. Looman, I am a proud Liberal and I am not leaving MY country.  Who in the hell do you think you are to tell millions of veterans who are liberals to leave this country?  You, Sir, are a disgrace to the United States Military and to the Marine Corps.  You are not in any sense of the word, a Patriot.  

Here's my proof, Mr. Bill.
Where's yours?

Could it be that he spends the better part of the workday ranting on Facebook, or, maybe, his potential customers are finding his Facebook page and just don't want to hire a nut job? 

BTW, the truck with the REMOVABLE sign is Bill's personal truck.  This is the truck that his employee drives. 
If he is so proud of that sign, why is it not on both of his trucks?  




I'm wondering if Bill Looman knows that most of the nation is laughing at him.
Every veteran I know thinks his actions of lying about the president are traitorous.


Screen-caps from Bill's wall about the show

Last night, Bill Looman was on "The Wright Stuff," an internet radio talk show.  Debra Wright's lead in mentioned Bill's crazy neighbor, which would be me.  So, I called in to dispute the lies that Bill has been circulating about me, and, despite the way Bill and his groupies are spinning it, I think I made my points.  First, he's still pissed off about the Secret Service and the FBI coming to his house.  His first reasoning was they were there because of the sign on his truck, and when that didn't hold up, he blamed it on me, saying I called them.   I really appreciate that he thinks I have that much power, but truth is, they don't just pack up and go to someone's home based on a phone call from a neighbor.  

Thanks to Debra Wright, I was allowed to explain how he got on their radar, this time.  It all started with a comment he made on his Facebook page about the Sheriff of our county:

Since Mr. Looman, his militia members and his groupies have been  posting threats to the president, who I support, and liberals, I am one, I was depending on the Sheriff's department to protect me from these goons.  So, I called the Sheriff and asked him if he is on board with Mr. Looman's militia.  He gave me an emphatic NO.  He asked me several questions about Bill and that was it.  

Two or three days later I got a call from a detective at the Sheriff's department asking if I could come there to talk to them.  When I arrived, I was greeted by several Secret Service agents and several FBI agents, all wanting to know everything I knew about Bill Looman.  This was the day AFTER the S.S. agents went to Bill Looman's home.  

I also went to the Haralson County Commission Chairman and asked him if he is on board with Looman's militia.  He didn't know who or what I was talking about either.  

So, the reason that the S.S paid a visit to Bill Looman's home was, precisely, Bill Looman's rants on Facebook and insinuations about killing the president and liberals, and saying that the Sheriff was "on board."  When someone spreads hate and fear, this is what they can expect and they cannot blame it on anyone else.  

I think it's worth mentioning that the FBI had already paid a visit to Looman's home long before this.  Him and some of his OathKeeper buddies took their guns and went to a small town in Tennessee with the intention of taking over the courthouse.  They were met by about 100 armed law enforcement officers.  Bill Looman saw them, turned tail and ran back to Georgia, leaving a couple of his buddies there to get arrested, and, at least one was recently convicted.  You see, Mr. Bill Looman was no stranger to federal authorities on the day I called the Sheriff and he called the S.S. and/or the FBI.  

As for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), they have been investigating Bill Looman since his "take over a town" debacle in Tennessee.  They contacted me wanting information about Bill, and I gave them everything I have.  

I don't have a "get Bill Looman" agenda.  He, and his militia members have hijacked our neighborhood association.  They refuse to allow a fair election in which every member is allowed to vote.  Looman uses his self appointed position as the association president to act as the "Sheriff of Beaver Run subdivision."  He and his militia members have been harassing me, and others in the neighborhood, and threatening us on his Facebook page and with such actions as burning something in my driveway in front of my house.  One of his 2 company trucks, the one without the sign, was seen parked in front of one of my friend's homes watching her 7 year old granddaughter.  

Mr. Looman is not the poor innocent country boy that he portrays himself as on these radio and TV shows.  Bill Looman is a violent, threatening individual who expects everyone to bow down to his demands.  I, and others here in Beaver Run, are concerned for our lives, our children's lives, and our property.  I don't leave home any more than absolutely necessary for fear that he, or his militia members, will burn down my home or plant illegal drugs on my property.  

So, my agenda is not to "get Bill Looman," My agenda is to "protect my life and my property" from what I consider to be a Mad-Man.  Hopefully, by keeping this matter in the public arena, Bill Looman will think twice before he tries to harm me, my friends, our families or burn down our homes.  Hopefully, by doing this, he will realize that he will be the first one to be questioned if anything happens to any of us or our property.  


The highest compliment I can possibly receive is an insult from Bill Looman.  Liberals are not counterparts to Bill, there is no counterpart to a disgusting piece of shit.  

Bill's Facebook page has been a hoot this past week, it's apparent he's back on the sauce, beer that is.  I can always tell when he's drinking.  


Bring it on Bill.  You've already tried it once and failed miserably.  The last time we were in court the Judge explained to you how the 1st Amendment works, remember, he said it's not just for you.  

What the hell is this about a "litigation team?"  I happen to know your attorney; remember the $15.000 settlement your boss had to pay, as the plaintiff, because your attorney couldn't beat a 9th grade dropout in Magistrate's Court.  


Neither GoDaddy, LunarPages, nor ICANN really give a shit what is on this site.  Report away.






You can neither steal nor fake a domain name.   Learn before you speak Jay.  


Slander you, Bill?  Everything here is simply opinion based on your own comments, as seen on your Facebook wall.  It's that same Constitutional right that you keep saying we have lost, except the only person trying to deny free speech is you.  




Is that a threat, Lee?  I report those to law enforcement.  



Threats, John and Annamarie?  

Bill being harassed?  How about the people he, and you guys, threaten?  What about the lies you all post about the President?  What about the faked ID that Bill posted in the next story down.  Even after it was proven to be a faked ID, Bill did not remove it.  


John, Tim, Sent your comments to the Sheriff.






Michael, yet you believe the crap that Bill posts on his Facebook page with no evidence at all.




Tim, you can be his attorney.   Since you're giving legal advice, I'm assuming you are one, otherwise, you might be committing a crime.  







Update - 1-4-12

Bill Loony has managed to out lie himself today with this one.  Wouldn't you think when someone posts a reply proving this to be a lie, he would remove it?  Not Bill, he's sticking to his guns:



Here is the original that the fake Obama ID was made from.  Same ID number and the same bar code.  I'm wondering if Mr. Thomas Lugert has a law suit here, particularly since the bar code contains personal information and his ID number is his alone.



Update - 12-27-11

Over the past couple of months my visits to The Loony Wall have been scaled back to about once a week, and this weeks visit netted nothing new for my Loony Tunes collection.  The only comment worth posting here is this mention of Navy Seals.  After months of comments; "I'M A MARINE;" "LOOK AT ME, I'M A MARINE;" HEY YOU, I'M A MARINE;" THANK ME FOR MY SERVICE, I'M A MARINE," he appears to be comparing himself to a Navy Seal.  This guy, who finally admitted to being nothing more than a mechanic in the Marines, compares himself to a Navy Seal.  

Despite the fact that the U.S. Military says a member's oath of enlistment ends with their discharge, Mr. Loony says it is a lifetime commitment.  I guess, in the 10 years he claims to have been in the Marine Corp, he never read the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), required reading on the first day of one's tour of duty.  William Looman claims to be a 10 year veteran of the Marine Corp, a Sergeant; yet the only records I can find on a William Looman are a Pfc (E4), who spent only 4 years in the Marines.  So, I'm making the same demand of "Sgt. Looman" to produce the same thing he demands of President Obama, PROOF.  Let's see your DD-214 Sgt. Looman.  


Update - 12-21-11

What kind of numbers do you expect when you block everyone who disagrees with you.  And your English, Bill, a first grader has better language skills.  "There has been 39 patriots that has said they support me......."



Update - 11-24-11

The Oath Keepers and other militias are nothing more than bands of Traitors that exists for one purpose only, to promote a traitorous agenda and overthrow President Obama.  They love to quote the first sentence of the Oath of Enlistment for the U.S. military, but seem to ignore the part where they swear: "I will obey the orders of the President of the United States."  

I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God

Let me be perfectly clear, any person who has served in the U.S. military and joins the Oath Keepers or a militia, is a Traitor.  

Anybody who wants to support our nation and it's welfare should support our elected leader, President Barack Obama.  Anyone who is actively working against our President is working against We the People.  This includes Oath Keepers and Bill Looman's North Georgia Militia.  These people are enemies of America.  These people are literally threatening to kill those who disagree with them; and Bill Looman spends hours a day on his Facebook page trying to start an armed revolution against the rest of America.  I have the screen shots of the comments he has deleted since the Secret Service paid him a visit for threatening the President.  

The Oath Keepers are against the Democratic party, saying it is against the Constitution.  Funny thing, though, the Marine recruitment pamphlet I just received prominently displays the names and photographs of Senator John Glenn (D) and Mayor David Dinkins (D) as former Marines who served this country with distinction.  

Update - 11-23-11

While thanking God for our blessings this Thanksgiving, we can give a special thanks that Bill Looman and his Ilk are only 3% of the worst in our nation.  

For the past 3 days the entire world has been laughing at Mr. Bill.  Here are some links for you Real Patriots who don't want to kill the President or your neighbors who don't agree with your opinions (be sure to read the comments):


I found this fellow on Facebook spouting all sorts of hate and threats to the President and his fellow citizens.  He has since taken most of this stuff down, but I have screen shots.  I made the following reply to one of his comments:

Bill, I've been reading your posts for some time, and I just have to say: You must be a miserable person. You never have anything positive to say about anything. You sound like you hate America and everyone in it except your own little group. If you really hate this country so much, why don't you just move instead of planning to kill everyone who doesn't? I pity you and the people around you, and, I think it's really easy to see why the Secret Service was at your home investigating you and your friends. Yes, when you threaten the President they investigate everyone you associate with. 

No, I'm not some Obama loving Liberal, I'm a conservative who really does love America and don't want to see it torn apart by haters like you. Instead of being driven by hate, like you, I am driven by love for America and a desire to have my country shine once again as the leader of the world striving for peace and humanity. 

Part of that oath you swore as a Marine, if you really were one, states "...and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States..." So, you sir, have violated your oath. 

Now, you can block me and you won't have to see this post again, but everyone else will continue to see it. Or, you can do what I don't think you have the ability to do: argue the points of your hate speech, in other words, prove what you've said here, starting with your statement that President Obama is not a citizen. This is a challenge, you can take it, or you can cower.

Evidently he chose to cower and run away by deleting his entire comment thread.  Then he sent me the following private message:

Bill Looman III



So, I replied :

Jonathan Cross
If you really love your country, why are you bashing everything about it? Why do you talk so much about "eliminating" your fellow citizens who believe differently from you" Why do you make insinuations about killing the president? Why is only your group considered Patriots?

Who is giving you unlawful orders? You are no longer a Marine, they can't give you any orders at all. 

Sir, you evidently don't know your history. The "Nuremberg War Crime Trials" were held because those officers were charged with following "unlawful" orders. Hell, I never was in the military and I know that refusing an "unlawful" order has a specific procedure as described in the UCMJ. Your duty, as a Marine, would be to invoke that procedure should you, as a Marine, be given an unlawful order. 

Who is giving orders to disarm citizens and incarcerate them? When the feds came to your home, did they take your guns? Your ammo? Did they incarcerate you? You didn't mention this in you post about it. 

Why would I want to meet you in person after the many posts you've made about "eliminating those who are "asleep?" It didn't take long to learn your code words, which in this case means "kill everyone who doesn't agree with your narrow opinions." 

You remind me of Randy Weaver, David Koresh, and Jim Jones, all rolled into one. You use the same doomsday rhetoric with not one shred of evidence to support your claims. In fact, your Facebook page flies in the face of your claims of oppression. Until you made threats against the president, no one said anything to you about it, and even then, it is still there. 

People like you are making me question the conservative values that I've always been comfortable expressing. I've always looked to Ronald Reagan for guidance, and not one time did he ever demonize his political opposition. Not one time did he ever mention "eliminating" anyone. 

In 2008 Obama was elected to the Presidency by an overwhelming majority of American voters. It doesn't matter if I like him or not, he is rightfully the president and trying to overturn that election is, frankly, unAmerican. 

And finally, since you deleted the post that I replied to and took this discussion to private message, I can only assume that you are afraid to discuss this in a public forum because you have no evidence to back up your claims. Your constant yelling in capital letters is telling about your personality too. 

And then he posts this on his page:

Bill Looman III


UNDER ATTACK????  One post does not qualify as an attack.  I offered him a challenge, one that he declined, and instead, chose to demonize me like everyone else who disagrees with him.  The Founding Fathers who he claims to admire, would never run from a debate, they would never have tried to silence their opposition and above all, they would never have called for the elimination of their fellow citizens who disagreed with them.  


Here are some links to his Facebook pages and some search terms to help you get started.

Bill Looman III




100,000 strong for armed rebellion if the traitor is re-elected



Google terms (use Quotes)

"bill looman" "oath keepers"

"bill looman" "darren huff"


Got info, Want info, contact:

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