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Why Does the Eagle Weep?

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis - This insightful quote is from a book written in 1935

The Bush campaigns and presidency have been all about God and Patriotism, all the while undermining our basic freedoms. The Neo-Republican Congress from the mid 90s, and the Bush Administration, have systematically torn down legislation and constitutional protections that, to an extent, protected us from much of the abuse of power by government and business. "If you don't want your home searched, you must have something to hide," if you don't want to answer questions without an attorney, you must be guilty," "what are you hiding if you don't want to give government the right to monitor your phone conversations, emails and bank accounts," are phrases used by neo-conservatives as a defense for their attacks on constitutional protections.

With this air of fascism pervading our nation, it's no wonder the police are gunning down innocent citizens on the streets and in their homes. It's no wonder that government employees are arrogant and self serving. It's no wonder the police can put 50 bullets into an innocent man in New York and be found not guilty. Fascism is here, smothering us with the flag and beating us with a cross. "Just give up a few more freedoms and we'll keep you safe." "God doesn't like this group and that group over there." "My God is better than your God." "If you don't live like we tell you, God will punish America with hurricanes and terrorism." "If you don't like what America has become, LEAVE!"

Where is MY America, the one I knew as a young man, the one striving for equality, the beacon of light, the dream my children may never know?

This is why the Eagle cries !



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