How the so-called Pro-Life Movement grooms it's killers through national rhetoric


At any given time there are thousands of people across the U.S. who suffer from mental illness.  Many of these people hold passionate beliefs that can be, and are, exploited by unscrupulous Zealots.  This web site attempts to explain how one group of Zealots, The Pro-Life Movement, exploits the vulnerabilities of a particular group of the Mentally Ill in order to create an Army of Killers, while denying any responsibility for their Terroristic acts and Murders.   

Doctor Tiller's murder is the latest in a campaign of violence that has been spawned by a web of national organizations calling themselves "The Pro-Life Movement."  While they try to stand in the shadows of murders, bombings, assaults  and terroristic threats their volunteer army marches on, and the death toll rises.  This is TERRORISM by it's definition.  They can't get what they want by legal means, so they incite the mentally ill, who are vulnerable to their rhetoric, to do the dirty work for them.  

My thesis is simple, Dr. Tiller's Killers are the leaders of the The Pro-Life Movement.  People such as Bill O'Reilly, Randall Terry and especially Neal Horsley, of Carroll County Georgia, must take responsibility for the Terrorism they have spawned.  This Domestic Terrorism is a far more serious problem for our nation than anything coming from the Middle East.  Terrorism from outside brings us closer together as a people, while this Domestic Terrorism pulls our nation apart at the roots of it's foundation.  This is Americans terrorizing Americans, Americans killing Americans, this is Free Speech being used as a murder weapon.  This is one group of Americans trying to dictate their beliefs to the rest of us.  

The Issue

Abortion is a very controversial issue in which neither side is in favor of abortions.  The Issue comes down to one of "Free Choice;" should a woman have a free choice to save her own life during a toxic pregnancy, should a woman be forced by any government to carry a fetus to term against her will, or, does the government and/or church have the right to dictate the relationship between Doctor and Patient.  It's interesting to note here that the same people who are against free choice when it comes to abortions are the same ones against Government health care on the grounds that it takes away free choice of doctors, which is a Red Herring.  Most people who call  themselves "Pro-Life," are also "Pro-Death Penalty."  

So, this is definitely not a  Pro-Life Movement; it's nothing more, or less, than an issue of religious control that does not take a degree in rocket Science to understand.  Their literature is riddled with Bible verses and they continuously evoke God's name and one of their tactics is to hold "Prayer Meetings" and claim to be "doing God's work."  

Most people who believe that abortion should not be legal are sane, rational people who do not participate in the militant behavior of this movement.  These people are not the subjects of this site.  The people on stage here are the ones who have the attitude that they will stop abortions "at any cost," including terrorism and murder.  



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